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Amazon worker healthcare clinics near warehouses

Amazon Healthcare clinics From TechCrunch July 2020 —  Amazon this morning announced a partnership with Crossover Health to build worker healthcare facilities near its fulfillment centers. The plan is still in a pilot phase, as the e-commerce giant employs the services of Crossover, which builds clinics for corporate clients. The startup has built such facilities for Apple and Facebook, and… Read More »

Alexa Patient Kiosk for Self-Service

Editors Note: Originally published on Gizmodo 2/26/2019. This is an excerpt. AN ALEXA IDEA WE LIKE Cedars-Sinai using an Alexa Patient Kiosk for self-selfservice. You can see the Amazon Echo mounted on the wall behind him. Photo: Cedars-Sinai While it’s hard not to roll your eyes at voice assistants getting added to every single thing in the smart home, a Los Angeles… Read More »