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About is a member of the Industry Group. You can email us at [email protected] — we are based in Denver. The main editor of PK has many years of experience in hospitals and clinics and specifically patient check-in. These range from large hospitals such as Parkland to Kaiser Permanente to the Veterans Administration.  We actually received an award for deploying the first practical UV light addition to a patient check-in kiosk.

Other relevant industry sectors include Telehealth, Digital Signage and also Thin Client to name some. resources for those below.

PK also maintains a strong perspective on legal issues and regulatory issues which affect healthcare.  These include the usual suspects such as HIPAA but also UL, ADA, and Accessibility which extends to the web services offered patients and users.

This week the DOJ managed another settlement on web accessibility, this time with Meijer.

The Justice Department today announced that it has secured a settlement agreement with Meijer, Inc., that will help people with disabilities get information about COVID-19 vaccinations and book their vaccination appointments online. The agreement, which requires Meijer to conform its COVID-19 vaccine content to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.1, will help ensure that individuals with disabilities who use screen readers and those who have difficulty using a mouse can privately and independently book their potentially life-saving vaccination appointments online. Today’s resolution is the department’s fourth agreement on the critical issue of COVID-19 vaccination website accessibility, following a November 2021 settlement with Rite Aid Corporation; a December 2021 settlement with Hy-Vee, Inc.; and a January 2022 settlement with The Kroger Co.

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