Austin Patient Check-in Kiosk

Austin Patient Check-in Kiosk

Austin Freestanding
Patient Kiosk Check-In Healthcare kiosk Austin

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All-in-One Touchscreen Healthcare Kiosk
Portable for patient access in any environment
The Austin Freestanding Kiosk was designed with a slight tilt forward to welcome your incoming customers. The result is a sleek design that’s in step with today’s most popular electronics.

It’s Time to take Your Check-in Process to the Next Level

Your employee’s time is valuable, and the work they do is vital.  You can increase their productivity, enhance their satisfaction, and improve the customer experience with a self-service patient check-in kiosk.  You’ll reduce wait times, increase the accuracy of patient information, and eliminate the need for manual ID and insurance card checks and scans.  You can simplify the entire patient check-in process with the right healthcare kiosk.