Patient Check-in Kiosks for Epic Welcome Kiosk by Olea

Patient Check-In Epic Welcome Kiosk

Patient Check-In Kiosk

Editors Note: Our feature image shows Epic Welcome kiosk for Kaiser. The units are by Olea kiosks. For the full article on those units click here.

Recent News

July 2022 — In what is probably the first deployment ever of Epic Welcome kiosks with facial recognition for check-in, it’s a “welcome” new mechanism for check-in. The people behind are Certify for the software + Olea Kiosks for the kiosks. Check back for full story and pictures. You can contact James Walker at Olea via LinkedIn.


The patient check-in kiosk increases efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency departments, waiting rooms and ambulatory settings by expediting the patient identification process, capturing patient insurance information and overall improving the patient experience. Patients can easily check-in and out, perform payment transactions, confirm insurance information, electronically sign documents and get help with wayfinding through medical facilities.  In senior housing the check-in kiosk is used for educating patients on drug regimens as well as monitoring basic health conditions. Telemedicine kiosks are available.

Patient Check-In Curated News

Example of ADA Accessible Patient Check-In Kiosk for Epic Welcome Kiosk

New product! ADA height-adjustable base for our Austin series kiosks. This moves 12” at the push of a button and includes an optional printer. Aimed at Healthcare for full ADA height compliance of ALL of the hardware in the kiosk. This base can be used in another setting like ticketing or QSR. We’ve also upgraded the Austin with an automated UV-C sanitizing light system. This is a true industrial grade bulb not LED’s that others are using.

Healthcare Kiosk for Patient Check-in

From check-in to payments to improving the patient experience, the healthcare kiosk helps facilities of all sizes take their care to the next level.

Kiosk ADA and Kiosk Accessibility

Complete options for additional devices for supporting biometric, voice recognition and command, tactile interfaces, screen interface, the blind, gesture and other technologies. Complete privacy options for HIPAA compliance as well as certified PCI EMV processor support. Supported operating systems include Windows and Android.

Resources available include the 2021 Epic Welcome Vendor Hardware Guide. For more information contact [email protected] (editor)