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By | December 28, 2022
Healthcare patient check-in

Elotouch Healthcare and Patient Check-in

healthcare kiosk solutions Elotouch

healthcare kiosk solutions Elotouch

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— the email contact for Elo is [email protected]

Elotouch has a wide variety of solutions for the healthcare space. For major EHR systems Elo supports Epic Welcome Kiosk and their entire EHR system plus Cerner (now Oracle).

Below are some of the solution packages.


Create collaborative experiences in the patient room across the care journey.

Elo’s software agnostic solutions make it easy to integrate your electronic health records platform such as Epic Systems and Cerner, to better engage patients and streamline care.

Enhance clinical review with medical grade monitors with DICOM Part 14.

Boost patient experience with bedside infotainment.

Add an interactive platform to view educational content and explore entertainment applications to keep patients connected and informed during the course of their treatment.

Improve pharmacy operations with intuitive touchscreen displays.

Because accuracy is essential for patient safety, a touch interface is the fastest, easiest way for pharmacists to receive, fill and double-check orders against electronic medical record (EMR systems) before medications are dispensed.

Drive efficiency with interactive displays at every nurse station.

Medical touch monitors provide easy-to-use platforms for accessing and updating electronic health record (EHR systems), managing patient requests and enabling better collaboration amongst interprofessional healthcare teams.

Add interactive displays to support visitors and provide tailored solutions for critical healthcare needs.

Engage doctors and patients with digital whiteboards.

Replace your whiteboard with a modern interactive information hub capable of communicating care plans, staff assignments, electronic medical records (EMR system), lab results, imaging and more – unifying key patient care components in one solution.

Connect to visitors with interactive digital signage.

Implement wayfinding and point of information touchscreens to make it easier for people to find what they need and where they are going.

Improve capacity management with touchscreen solutions.

By introducing interactive technologies to support capacity management, healthcare providers can streamline staffing and better plan for patient admissions, discharges and transfers as well as improve efficiency by reducing the turnover time between cases.

Support your patients with digital front door healthcare kiosk solutions.

Elevate patient self-service with digital front door kiosks that make it easy to check-in, manage account information, update electronic medical record (EMR systems), make payments, complete telehealth appointments and simply checkout at the cafeteria.

More Resources

Resources available include the 2021 Epic Welcome Vendor Hardware Guide. For more information contact [email protected] (editor)
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