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By | August 12, 2021

Patient Check-In Kiosks and Visitor Check-In For Hospitals by KioskGroup

Healthcare and Senior Living facilities continually struggle with providing the best patient experience while also balancing heavy staff workloads.

iPad and tablet kiosks provide a variety of use case solutions that are built for durability, ADA compliance, and a compact footprint. With options for branded colors, logos and signage, our kiosks can help increase patient and visitor satisfaction while reducing overhead and labor costs.

It is worth noting that several of the models support Epic Welcome Kiosks and are currently deployed and operating

Typical uses:

• Secure Visitor and employee check-in kiosks including webcam, visitor badge and ID scanning
• Fever Monitoring and screening questions
• Information, Maps and Wayfinding
• Large display marketing video displays with scrolling daily events
• Employee timeclock
• Food service—tabletop, handheld, and standalone devices

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Author: Site Manager

Many years in the kiosk industry and in the healthcare sector in particular. EPIC being the primary EHR worked with and patient check-in kiosks were the big element.