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By | August 25, 2021

Olea Kiosks®, Inc. Delivers Height Adjustable Austin Kiosk for Healthcare

Patient Kiosk Check-In News from Olea Kiosks August 2021

Patient Kiosk Check-In Adjustable Height

Patient Kiosk Check-In Adjustable Height

Olea Kiosks® Inc., today, announced the addition of its height-adjustable base for the Austin series kiosk.  This new addition is available for ordering now.

With more than 2500 units in the field, the Austin kiosk is the most deployed Olea model to date.  And this compact and versatile self-service kiosk now has a fourth option. The Austin Height Adjustable (HA), combines the Height Adjustable base with the desktop unit to deliver a slick, compact, and versatile self-service solution.

Aimed at the healthcare check-in market, this unit delivers full Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) height compliance as all of the user touchpoints can be positioned at a height under 48 inches. The unit is equipped with a paddle switch to activate the lift and lowering.  The base raises and lowers a total of 11.9 inches to provide users of all heights and abilities with an improved user experience.

Self-service kiosks help to improve profitability while reducing operational costs.  And while this self-service solution is simple in nature, the Austin can be configured in multiple ways to deliver check-in thoughtfully.

Note: The unit shown in the video is a prototype and includes only one UV sanitizing bulb.

In addition to patient check-in, there are many optional components that can be added to support identity verification, insurance information collection, as well as co-pay and signature collection.  In order to support these features, any of the following components can be added:

  • Web camera
  • Receipt size printer
  • Barcode reader
  • Magstripe reader
  • EMV compliant chip devices
  • RFID/NFC devices
  • Document scanner
  • On-screen signature
  • NavPad ADA 508 device

“The Austin HA comes at a time when healthcare and businesses, in general, are constrained by the lack of human resources available,” said CEO Frank Olea.  “Our engineering team worked extra hard to turn this unit around in a record amount of time,” added Olea.

In addition, an optional UV sanitizing system utilizing two powerful Mercury Vapor bulbs is now available with all of the Austin model kiosks. The cleaning cycle allows for sanitization of the touchscreen as well as the payment device. “We’re excited to bring this feature to market as we felt there was a need to keep not only the screens clean but the buttons on the pin-pads as well”, added Olea.

The Austin series kiosk is now available in 4 options:  the HA, the Freestanding (FS), the Desktop (DT), and the Wall-mount (WM).

The Austin is also very popular with hospitality and frequently used in quick-serve restaurants (QSR), ticketing, and hotel check-in where this functionality is also a welcome addition.

Click here to see the full press release.

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