How Patient Sign-in Kiosks Can Combat COVID-19

By | October 14, 2021
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Patient Kiosk Check-In Efficiency

Whitepaper From KioWare October 2021

Streamline the Patient Sign-in Process and COVID-19 Protocols with Self-Service Kiosks or Tablets

To help combat COVID-19, a self-service patient sign-in kiosk or tablet can streamline new COVID-19 protocols and can even be touchless to keep patients and employees safe. Patient check-in kiosks can automate COVID-19 procedures, sign patients in and offer secure EMV payments, thus reducing exposure and alleviating the extra burden on front desk medical staff.

Increase Security, Health and Safety by Decreasing Staff Interaction

Patient sign-in tablets or kiosks can streamline the check-in process by eliminating and consolidating unnecessary paperwork and allowing for a faster check-in for both the patient and the healthcare staff. Specifically, this can protect against the risk of spreading infection by ascertaining a patient’s exposure to COVID-19 through a questionnaire loaded on the tablet or kiosk. The physical paperwork passed between patients and staff cannot be sanitized, whereas tablets and kiosks can have wipeable surfaces installed.

Protect Patient Information with Secure EMV Payments

Accepting EMV payments is more secure than traditional credit card processing and having the payment accepted on a patient sign-in tablet or kiosk is convenient for both patients and staff. Using software like KioWare Basic, a secure browser lockdown software, makes it easy to install by bridging the gap between the EMV card reader data and the payment processor. KioWare Basic works with both the Windows and Android OS, making it easy to integrate payment processing with whatever application the healthcare practice prefers.

Stop the Spread of Contact Germs: Use KioTouch Software to Make Your Kiosk Touchless

KioTouch allows patients to control a self-service kiosk using their own personal mobile device. The patient scans a QR code, generated on the screen of the kiosk, which then opens a trackpad-style mouse interface on their device that can be used to send commands to the kiosk. Scrolling, swiping, and clicking gestures allow the user to interact with the kiosk as they normally would, but do not require the user to physically touch it. KioTouch works on any kiosk and does not require any special hardware to be installed to run, nor does it require the vendor to install any apps or software on their device.

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