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By | November 15, 2020
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Improved medical record management means better care during COVID-19 pandemic

Reported by UCSD Nov 2020

November 12, 2020  |  Jackie Carr

Across the nation, top universities offer comprehensive health services to more than 20 million students in the form of primary, urgent and mental health care services. Management of medical records within student health centers is often outdated and unconnected to local health systems or the students’ home health care providers, creating significant challenges to providing safe and consistent health care to students, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Six months before COVID-19 hit, UC San Diego was the first university in California to connect its almost 40,000 student health records to the electronic health record platform of its top-ranked academic medical center, UC San Diego Health. The experience has created a model for other colleges and is described in the November issue of Journal of American College Health .

Marlene Millen

Marlene Millen, MD, senior author of the published study and chief medical information officer, UC San Diego Health

“After the medical record transition, we observed significant improvements to the provision of care for UC San Diego students.

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Many years in the kiosk industry and in the healthcare sector in particular. EPIC being the primary EHR worked with and patient check-in kiosks were the big element.