Amazon EHR-compatible speech-to-text translator

Amazon has begun offering Transcribe Medical to Amazon Web Services customers, and the company says the virtual medical scribe will allow health care providers to devote more time to patients. The software transcribes conversations between health care providers and patients and inputs the information into EHRs, and it is compatible with Amazon’s Comprehend Medical language processing program. CNBC (12/2)… Read More »

Kaiser News – unexpected passing of Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson

From Healthcare Dive Dive Brief: Kaiser Permanente CEO and Chairman Bernard Tyson died unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 60, the Oakland, California-based health system said Sunday. Tyson was named CEO in 2013 after serving in a number of roles throughout Kaiser, including hospital administrator and chief operating officer. His career at Kaiser spanned more than… Read More »

Cleveland Clinic, American Well new telehealth company

Excerpted from Fierce Healthcare Cleveland Clinic, American Well launching new joint venture telehealth company by Heather Landi | Oct 21, 2019 1:29pm The vision of The Clinic is to make Cleveland Clinic’s “service level available to every human being on Earth,” according to hospital executives. (Courtesy of Cleveland Clinic) ShareFacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint Cleveland Clinic and telehealth company American Well are launching a… Read More »


EPIC UGM 2019 User Conference Epic UGM 2019 in Verona is coming up very soon!  This conference is for Users Only so you need to be an invited customer to attend. Epic UGM Planning Guide It’s Epic’s 40th birthday this year, and they’re celebrating with another exciting year of Epic UGM. The conference begins on Monday, August 26th,… Read More »

CHF Case Study Patient Check-in – Kaiser Permanente

Excerpts from the California Health Foundation paper on check-in kiosk benefits. A PDF is included at the end for download. For this research, interviews were conducted with several health delivery organizations that are leading the way on the implementation and use of kiosks. The following case summaries demonstrate the wide variety of uses and benefits available to organizations… Read More »

Best Practices for Healthcare Kiosks

Kiosks should be thought of as an express option for those who are comfortable with self­service technologies and desire the convenience and/or privacy. Compared to other key hospital technologies such as electronic medical records, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), and e­prescribing, patient kiosks are relatively easy and inexpensive to implement. Kiosks in ambulatory settings and emergency departments complement… Read More »

Healthcare Kiosks Increasing Efficiency for Medical Clinics

Healthcare Kiosks Providing Benefits to Facilities and Patients Patient check-in kiosks are proving to be very valuable in helping clinics to run more efficiently.  According to a recent internal study conducted by a healthcare facility in Idaho, check-in kiosks have shaved two minutes off of the average check-in time and over 50% off of the time it takes for… Read More »

Alexa Patient Kiosk for Self-Service

Editors Note: Originally published on Gizmodo 2/26/2019. This is an excerpt. AN ALEXA IDEA WE LIKE Cedars-Sinai using an Alexa Patient Kiosk for self-selfservice. You can see the Amazon Echo mounted on the wall behind him. Photo: Cedars-Sinai While it’s hard not to roll your eyes at voice assistants getting added to every single thing in the smart home, a Los Angeles… Read More »

Patient Check-In Kiosks Pay Off

Patient Check-In Kiosks Benefits Health care facilities are under increasing pressure to cut costs while improving the patient experience. Check-in kiosks can help accomplish that goal. For years, we’ve been able to book an airline flight, check in to a hotel and apply for a job via a self-service kiosk. For some reason, though, when we visit a… Read More »